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SB 1576 – Springs Bill UpDate

Posted by NCF912Project

CS/CS/SB 1576: Springs
GENERAL BILL by Agriculture ; Environmental Preservation and Conservation ; Dean ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Montford ; Soto ; Simmons ; Hays ; Altman ; Abruzzo

Springs; Specifying distributions to the Ecosystem Management and Restoration Trust Fund; requiring the Department of Environmental Protection or the governing board of a water management district to establish the minimum flow and water level for an Outstanding Florida Spring; creating part VIII of chapter 373, F.S., entitled “Florida Springs and Aquifer Protection Act”; specifying prohibited activities within a spring protection and management zone of an Outstanding Florida Spring; repealing provisions relating to periodic evaluation and assessment of onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems, etc.

Go to:  to follow this bill and read the analysis.

Update on SB 130 – Stand Your Ground

Posted by NCF912Project

We received this information from Liberty First Network.  Sometimes bills aren’t exactly what we think they are.  Liberty First does a great job in trying to analyze the bills and give us the best information they can.  Our group supports them each month but if you are ever looking for something to support, this would be a great one!!

Marion Hammer, the longtime lobbyist of the NRA, has come out with another statement in support for SB 130 while making a veiled attack on the Liberty First Network.

We have always analyzed bills in a very accurate and methodical manner. We look for every detail and any unintended consequences any legislation may cause.

The Liberty First Network values our reputation and the accuracy of our action alerts. We will continue to tell you our honest and thorough take on legislation and other situations arising in Tallahassee.

To read more information on this, go toLiberty First.They have done an in-depth report on this bill.

SB 1576 – Springs Protection Act

Posted by NCF912Project

CPR has reported on Senate Bill 1576, “An act related to springs.” CPR’s analysis of SB 1576 was presented to the Senate Committee on Environmental Protection and Conservation.  Our position covered two points:

  1. there is no scientific basis for further regulating septic systems, and
  2. creating a “Responsible Management Entity” (RME) tasked with “managing” septic systems simply adds an unnecessary, redundant and expensive layer of government.

On March 31, at 4 p.m., the Senate Agricultural Committee will be the next to hear SB 1576.

Before that committee meets, you need to understand what an RME is and it seriously threatens private property rights.  Once you understand what it is, you will want to contact the legislators that sit on the Agricultural Committee and express your opinion.

Read more. Please take a few minutes to bring yourself up to date on this issue and then make some phone calls today!

Silence is Hurting Us

Posted by NCF912Project

It is time that we give up some pleasures in life and get down in the trenches and fight for what we know is right.

It took one woman to take prayer out of the schools because we were silent. It took one woman to help pass a law that has killed millions of innocent babies because we were silent. A few are taking God out of everything because we are silent.

Time to speak up folks before it is too late, the day is rapidly coming when because we are silent we will be silenced! Just think about it, and get involved somehow. The North Central Florida Tea Party meets at 7:00 p.m the second Thursday* of each month at the Taylor Building.  *We will not be meeting on the Thursday night in April due to the Tea Party Network Meeting that will be held on April 11th & 12th.  Thanks to Sharon G. from the Santa Rosa Tea Party for this encouragement!

SB 296 to be heard on Tuesday Afternoon

Posted by NCF912Project

SB-296 By Sen. Brandes is a bill to protect citizens from being charged with a crime and having their guns confiscated for carrying a weapon or firearm during a mandatory evacuation ordered by the Governor during a declared state of emergency.

This bill is is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Military & Veterans Affairs Committee on Tuesday, March 25, 2014, at 2:00pm.  Please take some time and make phone calls asap regarding this bill.

Read more here

SB 344 Red Light Camera Bill

Posted by NCF912Project

Action Alert from Paul Henry

SB 144, the Senate red light camera repeal bill, will be heard by the Senate Transportation Committee on Thursday March 20, 2014 at 9:00 AM in Senate Office Building Room 37 (the basement). I will be there to speak in favor of the bill. It is essential this bill pass this committee, otherwise it will die.

Read more here:  SB 344

Common Core Action Alert

Posted by NCF912Project

John Hallman has done a great update on the Common Core issue.  Please take the time to read through this and make some phone calls.  Our tea party donates to Liberty First Network each month.  They do a great job trying to keep us updated on the Florida Legislature!

Common Core Alert

In other education news, Florida’s Education Commissioner announced today that AIR (American Institutes for Research) has been awarded the $220 million dollar contract!

Take a few minutes and check out the AIR website,  especially the “bios” of their Board of Directors.    Commissioner Stewart said that  AIR has been delivering tests for over seven years and also holds contracts in nine other states. The non-profit will be partnering with Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) to develop and score student responses. 

Again, a major decision has been made that didn’t involve our elected representatives.  Let’s stay on top of this issue!

Action Alert – Con-Con Hearing

Posted by NCF912Project

Please read the bill and let this committee know what you think,

The Florida House Ethics & Elections Subcommittee will be considering CS/HB 609, which is an Article V Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) bill, on Tuesday, March 11th at 8:30 a.m. EST. You can help by:

  1. Attending the meeting in room 212 (Webster Hall) of the House Office Building in Tallahassee.
  2. Calling and emailing each member of the Judiciary Committee and ask them to oppose CS/HB 609 - Article V Constitutional Convention. Their contact information is below.

Kathleen Passidomo (Chair)
(850) 717-5106

Jose Felix Diaz (Vice Chair)
(850) 717-5116  

Janet Cruz (Democratic Ranking Member)
(850) 717-5062

Larry Ahern
(850) 717-5066

Dennis Baxley
(850) 717-5023

Mike Clelland
(850) 717-5029

Katie Edwards
(850) 717-5098

Doug Holder
(850) 717-5074

Ed Hooper
(850) 717-5067

Kathleen Peters
(850) 717-5069

Patrick Rooney, Jr.
(850) 717-5085

Alan Williams
(850) 717-5008

Ritch Workman
(850) 717-5052


Keith Dunn

Field Coordinator

p: 352.316.2444


Suwannee County Votes to Take Over Private Sector Jobs

Posted by NCF912Project

February 27, 2014
by: Sharon Higgins

The Suwannee County Commission voted 5-0 on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 to begin phasing in non-emergency transport between hospitals and nursing homes/hospitals. This was broached at the budget workshops last August; that plan would have been to take the whole operation over at an initial start-up cost to the taxpayers. The money wasn’t in the budget to put this in place at that time. This transport service is currently being done by Century Ambulance, a private company. This issue was NOT on Tuesday’s agenda, nor was it added to the agenda as an “additional agenda item”.  There are many questions and problems that are associated with this decision:

  1. Why does the Commission think that this is a good way to conduct business?  Why was it not put on the agenda so that the public would have prior knowledge and the ability to speak for or against it?  What was the hurry to vote on it that night instead of bringing it back at the next commission meeting?
  2. After all the millions that we are spending (and borrowing to spend) at the Catalyst Site so that we can bring jobs to this county, we are now going  into an endeavor that can conceivably put people in the private sector out of work!  The comment was made that the EMS department would use part-time people with no benefits to do this service; the company who is doing it now hires full-time and they have benefits.  It is my understanding that there are at least 12 people who currently work for Century in Suwannee County. They have been in Suwannee County for 24 years, are a member of the Suwannee Chamber of Commerce and also sponsor many charitable events. They also pay property taxes on the building/land that they own in Suwannee County.
  3. Since the taxpayers are the bottom line in this endeavor, will they receive any break in the price if they need this transport service?  If they aren’t able to pay in a timely manner, is Suwannee County going to turn them over to a collection agency?
  4. If this non-emergency transport doesn’t bring in the money that they think, and in fact loses money, will the taxpayers be on the hook for that?  (of course we will!)  It was commented that the hope is that the revenues coming in will free up some of the general revenue money that funds EMS and those monies can go back to the county for other county projects.  Notice that it isn’t to save the taxpayers’ money and possibly lower our taxes!
  5. Two areas in Florida were mentioned as already doing this inter-facility transport.  I’m not sure about the Nature Coast EMS, but Alachua County residents pay extremely high property taxes.  I know several people who work in Alachua County but live in outlying counties because they either cannot pay the taxes or don’t want to.  If this is such a good thing for Alachua County, why haven’t their taxes gone down?

Government should not be in the business of taking over jobs/services that private companies are doing.  We have a large county and a lot of area to cover and I’m well aware of how hard it is to do.  As far as I can tell our Fire/EMS department is doing a good job with the duties they have now, but…if they are having trouble making ends meet and need to bring more revenue in, maybe we should look at privatizing it.  Columbia County did that several years ago and as far as I can tell it seems to be working.

I have a real problem with the county going into a business to make money; government should only be doing the things that can’t be done feasibly by the private sector.  Our problem in all areas of government today is that it is doing too many things that it shouldn’t be doing.  I am extremely disappointed with the County Commission for making such a big decision in a way that invites a lot of suspicion on how this came about.  I ask everyone who is concerned about this to please contact their commissioner and discuss it with them.   This is a good lesson that we all should be paying more attention to what all branches of our governments are doing.  Take the time to find out what is going on and give your input.  Tell them that you expect decisions such as this to be put on the agenda so that plenty of notice can be given for people to give their input.  The Suwannee County Commission meets at 6:00 p.m. on the first and third Tuesdays at the Judicial Annex Building located at 218 Parshley Street Southwest in Live Oak.  The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 4th.

by: Sharon Higgins

Common Core Update

Posted by NCF912Project

The State Board of Education held a meeting in Orlando on Tuesday, February 18, 2014.  Many anti-Common Core activists went to voice their concerns with the implementation of Common Core.  I am including several links to articles regarding this meeting along with an update on the nation-wide endeavor.  At the present time both the Commissioner of Education and the Board of Education are appointed positions; there is a move to try to change this back to them being elected positions.

We need to continue to let our state Senator and State Representative know our wishes on this issue.  Senator Dean’s contact info is in the article above; Representative Porter’s is:


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